Taco Ring Bake

Taco Ring Bake

Zoe has been craving tacos for a few weeks now, and with the move it just wasn’t feasible to make tacos. Having finally gotten my kitchen all unpacked, we compromised with this Taco Ring Bake which Zoe absolutely loved!

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Hate Meal Planning? 6 Easy Ways to Help

Meal Planning

Tracking our spending means we need to start meal planning. We need to stop impulse shopping for dinner every day. Meal planning does that for us. Here are 6 Things that I did when I made our weekly meal plan that made it less complicated.

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Valentine 7 Layer Finger Jell-O

Valentine's day finger jell-o

One of the first fun things I did with Zoe when I moved in was to make stripped finger Jell-O for her. She was impressed with the rainbow colors and at that point thought I was the best step-mom ever.

I thought I’d make it again, only this time with a Valentine’s Day Theme.

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