Affiliate Policy

In the spirit of full disclosure, my website does contain some affiliate links, marked with an asterisk, which means that I may get a small commission if you decide to purchase anything from the companies I am affiliated with.

I will only recommend products or services that I use and love.  I understand we all work hard for our money, I would never dream of recommending something that would be a waste of your money.  While I may be compensated with cash or free products for my time to review a product or service, my opinions are always 100% my own and not for sale.

You will not pay anything extra when you buy something through my links.  If possible, you might actually pay less due to the companies offering a bonus or lower rate to my readers.

The money I make from the affiliate links goes to support my blog, and my love of shoes and margaritas.

Image Policy

One (1) unaltered image, and/or quote of  up to 150 characters may be used  without express written permission.  You must include a link back to the published URL (not my homepage).  I am flattered that you enjoyed my content and want to include it in yours.  If you tell me you are linking to me, I will share your post on my social media channels.

Collaboration Policy

I love working with other bloggers, and joining forces to achieve world domination.  If you are interested in working with me, in ways such as round ups, guest posting, interviews, link parties or other ways not specifically disclosed, please contact me.  I am sure we can find a way to work together that is mutually beneficial to both of us.


I am always available to discuss possible partnerships with brands and companies that I love.  Whether you are interested in a sponsored post, or a long term brand ambassador, I would be happy to sit down and discuss options and terms with you.  You may send your inquiries to Becky (at) wtmlpart2 (dot) com or you can check out my Work with Me page and use the contact form there.