This isn't the Life I Would Have Written for Myself. It's Better.

So this happened today #Icanlegallydriveagain

A post shared by Becky (@beckyhood.2017) on Jun 23, 2014 at 2:02pm PDT

So, that happened yesterday. Not for my 17-year-old daughter Muri, for me. I got

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My Final Appearance

Today is my final court date. When I leave the courtroom, all of my legal issues will be behind me. Another hurdle cleared.

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I Get My Life Back Tomorrow

Tomorrow I can put my legal issues behind me. I get my life back. Freedom. My life. Fresh start. Glorious things.

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The Legal System

It may surprise some of you, especially you newbies, but I have been to jail.


Nothing serious, just pure stupidity. Traffic stuff not taken care of. Anyway, I’ve been to jail.

Once I was released, there were eleventy billion court dates (in 5 counties) to attend if I didn’t want to go back.

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Coming Full Circle

23 days in jail, $650 bond money, over $1000 in court costs and fines, 3 years probation, 50 hours community service all amassed over the past 9 months, but today was my final court date, and now I am done.

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