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Profile photoIt was at the beginning of 2014 that I realized life is a Do-it-Yourself project and shouldn’t be something that just happens to you.  I was living pay check to pay check and usually had more week than paycheck.  I was living in fear of my phone, the mailman, even a knock on my door.  I went 10 days without electricity or water.  I had been the payroll administrator at one of the big name auto dealerships in the St. Louis area.  I had organized their payrolls, benefits and human resources but had never stopped to organize my own life.  I was there because of the choices I had made, and I would get out of that mess by making better choices.

Let’s talk about Food.

My father was a minister and my mother was an amazing cook.  We moved to a new church every 3 years, and my mother collected cookbooks along the way.  I grew up at her elbow in the kitchen watching and learning how to cook and bake from scratch.  I have since been given my share of the cookbooks my mother collected over the years and I am now teaching Zoe to cook much like my mom taught me.    I will be sharing those recipes with all of you, along with meal plans for the week and shopping lists.

Let’s talk about Finances

As I said before I organized the payroll and benefits department of a car dealership.  I will take all that I did for them, and help you do it for yourself.  I will help you track your spending to see exactly where your money is going and what changes you can make.  I will incorporate the meal plans and shopping lists into the family finances.

Let’s talk about Family

I am mom to three mostly grown children and step-mom to a tweenage girl, Zoe.  We will talk about the sometimes difficult relationship step parents have with their step children and what you can do to make it less difficult.  I’ve been married twice before, but am engaged for the first time.  We will discuss the challenges and joys of a new relationship and marriage while blending families.

You can follow me on Facebook, find more amazing food on Pinterest.  You will find lots of photos of margaritas and my cats on Instagram, and obsess over Scandal with me on Twitter.   I love to hear from my readers, if you have questions, comments, or just want to say HEY! Let’s go grab a margarita!  you can email be at Becky (at) wtmlpart2 (dot) com or use the contact form below.

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