The Best Website to Search for Recipes: Yummly

Looking for a recipe, but like me, you don’t like raisins?  Or maybe you’re diabetic and you need to watch your sugar levels?  Pinterest is a great place to find recipes but what if you want to eliminate raisins?  Or you need diabetic friendly recipes?   Yummly is the recipe search engine for you.

Yummly, The Best Website to Search Recipes

I checked my Google Analytics earlier this week and saw I was getting some traffic from Yummly.  While I was familiar with the name, I had never been to the website, and yet.. they were driving traffic to my blog.  So I checked it out, and apparently Welcome to My Life, Part 2 has a Yummly page.

What I discovered about Yummly

I spent a little bit of time exploring their website and if I had to describe it in 5 seconds, I would say “Pinterest on Steroids”.   Let me expand on that for you.

It is only recipes.  Pinterest does recipes, and DIY, and clothes, and shoes, and party planning and this and that and a little bit of everything that has a pretty picture.  Yummly is nothing but recipes.  Millions of recipes from millions of users every month.  There’s no pretty shoes to distract you, no DIY’s for your kids to see and want to do.  Just recipes.

Their search filters can filter out what you don’t like.  You can search recipes based on holidays, or cuisine, or food allergies, or special dietary needs.  You can search by cook time, you can eliminate recipes with ingredients you don’t like, and you can even search based on taste, if you want a more spicy recipe, or a little less tart.  They have sliders that do all of that for you.

Taste Preferences  Yummly’s behind the scenes wizards (because really, it takes magic to do what Yummly is doing for recipe searches) can pick out recipes recommended just for you based on your taste preferences.  You can pick the kind of diet you’re following (paleo, vegan, vegetarian) you can specify any food allergies you or your family might have.  You can even choose your favorite cuisines from 26 different options.  Pick as many or as few as you like.

They’re mobile.  There’s even a Yummly app for your smart phone, so that you can search on the go, and create a shopping list from the recipes you choose.

They’re easy.  They make it super easy to add recipes that you find around the web. I just recently added a Yummly share button at the bottom of my posts (see below), but what if you come across a recipe without a Yummly button?  Add the Yummly Bookmarklet to your browser toolbar and BAM you can now save recipes from any website across the internet.

share buttons

Scrolling through Yummly, it’s amazing to just see all of the beautiful photography.  The pictures are stunning, and the food looks amazing.  Seriously, if you’re looking for food porn, scroll through Yummly and you’ll get lost in the gorgeousness of a cup of tea.  Which means, now that I’ve got a couple of recipes posted over there, I’m going to have to step up my food photography game.

Sign up is quick and easy, takes just a minute or two.  Head over to Yummly and start searching amazing recipes.  Check out the Welcome to My Life, Part 2 page and give my two recipes a YUM.

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