I'm Sorry is Just the Beginning

I’m sorry.

A great beginning. Easy enough to say. Some people throw those words around like glitter on Pinterest. But it’s the actions that follow that give those words any merit.

I’m sorry is not the super glue or duct tape of apologies.

In fact, I’m sorry has become a blanket phrase, so much so

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Who Am I?

I read an article the other day about Who I am, which lead me to ask myself Who Am I? And could I answer that question using only positive words?

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The Power of Words

For the entire 19 months I was unemployed, I very rarely ventured out beyond the ten-mile radius of our town. There was no need to, unless it was to drop the girls off with their dad, or to go to a job interview. In a year and a half, my world had shrunk to the

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Tell the Truth

The question that has come up this week, or anytime there is some sort of disaster, how do you tell your kids?

My response is simply Tell the truth.

Use age appropriate words, and simply tell the truth.

They are hearing the news anyway, they are picking up bits and pieces, and trying to

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