Why I Blog Authentically

Blogging Authentically is a topic of several blog posts I’ve read over the past couple of weeks. How being true to yourself makes blogging easier and builds trust between you and your readers.

I have a whole list of reasons why it would be nicer to be someone different online. I have bipolar disorder,

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I am Capable of Damn Near Anything

It was 2 years ago today that I realized it was my life to live, and had better start getting it right.

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Word for 2016: Truth

One of the really cool things about the internet is that you can find almost anything you are looking for. The perfect pair of shoes, the recipe for the best cheesecake, or even Your Word for the Year.

The Word of the Year random generator chose TRUTH as my word. (the first time,

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I'm Not Perfect, and I'm Scared

I had a Miranda moment this week.

I saw it lurking on the horizon, the speed bump in the road ahead. Life has been good lately, really good. Almost too good, and I never trust it when it’s this good. I question, is this real or is this mania? I wonder when the spiral

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When Perfect is Just TOO Perfect

It’s no surprise I have ventured back into Online Dating. It’s also no surprise that it has been an adventure.

And yet, I keep going back. I guess what my therapist said is true, people do love train wrecks.

I get it, we’re all in the same boat here. We are trying to find

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