Why I Blog Authentically

Blogging Authentically is a topic of several blog posts I’ve read over the past couple of weeks. How being true to yourself makes blogging easier and builds trust between you and your readers.

I have a whole list of reasons why it would be nicer to be someone different online. I have bipolar disorder,

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I am Capable of Damn Near Anything

It was 2 years ago today that I realized it was my life to live, and had better start getting it right.

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I'm Sorry is Just the Beginning

I’m sorry.

A great beginning. Easy enough to say. Some people throw those words around like glitter on Pinterest. But it’s the actions that follow that give those words any merit.

I’m sorry is not the super glue or duct tape of apologies.

In fact, I’m sorry has become a blanket phrase, so much so

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Life is Short, sometimes shorter than you think

I got a text message from my mother last week. I wasn’t prepared for the words I read. Or my reaction to them.

My son’s grandmother had passed away unexpectedly. Even after being divorced from his father for 20 years, and not living with my son for almost 8, my heart went out to them.

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The Promise

He gives so much to me, this Man Who Colors, and yet asks so little from me in return. He offers love, and support, and friendship, and laughter, and days, and nights, and possibly forever. So when he asked for a promise, I couldn’t refuse.

Laying in bed, he whispered in the early morning light,

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