Summer Bucket List Printable

Summer Bucket List

Summer is here, and a Summer Bucket List is a great way to keep the kids entertained over summer break. My free printables make your bucket list easy to plan and schedule. No email required.

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20 Free Things to Do With Your kids This Summer

20 Free Things To Do WIth Your Kids This Summer

Finding things to do with your kids every summer that are fun and mostly free is a real challenge. Here are 20 FREE Things you can do with your kids.

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Things I Learned This Weekend

I am stealing and modifying an idea from Jennie over at Nucking Futs Mama

** S’mores and Root beer floats are still summer magic and kids of all ages love them.

** That ice cream can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner just not all three. And not every day.

** Yes you can

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Timehop to 2012 The County Jail Tour

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I don’t know if you have seen it on social media this summer, but the hot new got-to-have-it-because-all-the-cool-kids-have-it app for the summer of 2014 is timehop.

Because I’m a follower and not a leader one of the cool kids, I got it. It gives you the

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The Cool Deputy

Last night was yet another court appearance. I am so tired of them all. While I was there one of the deputies working looked familiar to me. I wracked my brain searched my memory trying to figure out who he was to me. Shortly before court started I remembered he was the cool deputy from my 2012 County Jail Tour last summer. Read some of my story.

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