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Today is the first day of 2015. A new year, a blank page, an empty notebook. A place to write my story, to color on the pages.

And this is Page 1

Last year I had reached my lowest, my darkest day. I tried very seriously, to die. (and I promise I won’t talk

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Life Has a Funny Way of Working Out

Christmas used to be my absolute favorite holiday. Thanksgiving afternoon, I’d put on holiday music. December 1st all of my decorations went up. It was Christmas everywhere!

Then, in 2003, the girls’ dad and I decided our marriage was over, but we stayed together through the holidays for the girls. We put up a tree

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Spidey Senses

I have been having a cranky week. There has been a lot on my mind. School is starting up across the country and this will be the first year that I haven’t sent my girls to school… they continue to live with their father, and I have only seen them twice in the year since

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Four Simple, Powerful Words

Four words, made all the difference in how I see him now.

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I Don’t Know How to Be Me Without Him

ETA: I wrote this post this morning, while in the midst of the every morning now panic. My head gets that even this will pass, that the day will come when I don’t wake, think of him, and can’t breathe. I can say that he has made up his mind and nobody and nothing will

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