Who Am I?

I read an article the other day about Who I am, which lead me to ask myself Who Am I? And could I answer that question using only positive words?

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It is Easier to Be Angry

I haven’t been here very much, which is clearly apparent. It’s ironic that I haven’t considering all the free time I have on my hands these days. But here I am now.

I am still working through and cleaning up the mess I made of my life last August. The jail time, the breakup,

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Coming Full Circle

23 days in jail, $650 bond money, over $1000 in court costs and fines, 3 years probation, 50 hours community service all amassed over the past 9 months, but today was my final court date, and now I am done.

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My Day in Court

Last summer, June 15-July 8th to be exact, I spent 23 days in 5 county jails. I am not proud of this. While I don’t deny it is not something I brag about. Today, one of those cases was settled. I am one court date away from finished.

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