Things I Learned This Weekend

I am stealing and modifying an idea from Jennie over at Nucking Futs Mama

** S’mores and Root beer floats are still summer magic and kids of all ages love them.

** That ice cream can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner just not all three. And not every day.

** Yes you can

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I Was Wrong

Sometimes being wrong is the best thing you can be.

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Facing My Fear

I am taking a huge personal and business step this week. Even if I don’t get the response I am hoping for, I still will not have failed.

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Who Am I?

I read an article the other day about Who I am, which lead me to ask myself Who Am I? And could I answer that question using only positive words?

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The Ultimate Blog Party, 2013 Edition

The Ultimate Blog Party, 2013 edition. The 7th annual UBP. Wait a minute while I wrap my head around that.

ETA: The after party. No great event is complete without the after party. The Golden Globes, The Emmys, The Oscars. The Ultimate Blog Party.

The last time I participated, UBP was a year

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