Happy Birthday Muri

Dear Meredith,

Since I have been blogging I have written you a birthday blog post every year. In fact, it was such a big deal that Megan once asked me if I was going to remember to write hers. I have celebrated your birthday in some way every year.

Except that last two years. The

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Why I am Not Really Here Today

I am going to see my daughters tonight and I just can’t focus on anything but that. Tomorrow I’ll do better.

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My top nine Instagram pictures of 2015. #2015 #2015bestnine

A post shared by Becky (@beckyhood.2017) on Dec 29, 2015 at 11:31am PST

That week between Christmas and the new year is (unofficially)

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A Letter To My Daughter on Her Graduation

I sat down several times this week, unsure what I wanted to say to you, on this important day. What advice should I give you, what could I say that would express all that I feel in my heart for you? I went to Pinterest to find Graduation Quotes for Girls, and cried. I read

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Repairing the Damage

My Daughters & their Dad

So, that happened this weekend.

I got to see my girls. We met at IHOP for breakfast, then went to Target and on to Chesterfield Mall.

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We laughed, and talked, and I held it completely together until I knew they were well

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