Life Has a Funny Way of Working Out

Christmas used to be my absolute favorite holiday. Thanksgiving afternoon, I’d put on holiday music. December 1st all of my decorations went up. It was Christmas everywhere!

Then, in 2003, the girls’ dad and I decided our marriage was over, but we stayed together through the holidays for the girls. We put up a tree

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Lessons Learned

That time I confused a lesson for a soul mate

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Soon. Don't Give Up

Six months ago I had no faith and even less hope. Look at me now. Pennies promise Soon, they whisper Don’t give up.

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What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

That’s a question I ask myself a lot lately.

When looking for a new place to live, I asked myself, what’s the worst thing that would happen if I moved away from this town, with all its memories and ghosts, and move to a new town and start over?

What’s the worst thing that

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Leaving it all Behind

My last post was very vague and hinted at something, maybe, but not really for sure. I thought I was ready to spill the beans when I sat down to write about it, and then, I apparently chickened out. Not this time.

There have been some bridges that have finally been burned beyond repair,

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