My Blog Mission Statement

My Blog Mission Statement

I have avoided writing a mission statement for my blog, and struggled because of that fact. Today I solved the problem. Here is my blog mission statement.

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5 Things I Want You to Know About Mental Illness

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When people ask me what I write about, the first thing I say is my life with mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder. I never wanted to be known by my disorder. I never wanted it to be what defines me, and yet, it is the one thing that is prevalent on

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Bipolar Disorder In My Own Words

Isn’t it funny (in the Alanis Morissette Ironic way) how a single picture can take you back to a weekend, the was triggered by a weekend before? How your memories transport you back to those days, when the hurt was raw and angry. When the scars weren’t scars but were newly formed cuts, born from

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Writing My World

I will never achieve world domination here by teaching anyone anything. I will never write a “How to get Eleventy Billion followers” post. I will not teach you how to entertain your kids on their 3rd day of being snowed in. I might teach you how to make the perfect margarita, maybe.

I will

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There is Hope Beyond the Diagnosis

This April will mark 9 years since I got my diagnosis. Bipolar disorder. To be specific, bipolar I, mixed phases, rapid cycling. I’m bipolar, I can experience mania and depression together, and it all can change on a dime.

I finally had an answer to why. Why I could become so angry and throw

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