5 Things I Want You to Know About Mental Illness

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When people ask me what I write about, the first thing I say is my life with mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder. I never wanted to be known by my disorder. I never wanted it to be what defines me, and yet, it is the one thing that is prevalent on

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There is Hope Beyond the Diagnosis

This April will mark 9 years since I got my diagnosis. Bipolar disorder. To be specific, bipolar I, mixed phases, rapid cycling. I’m bipolar, I can experience mania and depression together, and it all can change on a dime.

I finally had an answer to why. Why I could become so angry and throw

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Victim of My Disorder?

Someone once said to me “You’re a victim of your disorder”. It may very well have been Awesome Therapist. I am sure I’ve heard it before. I’m sure I’ll hear it again. The thing is, while it might be easy to roll over and play the victim in life, therefore absolving you of any responsibility,

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I started my break down on September 28, by drinking myself into a stupor, trying like hell to forget everything. I ended up in the hospital October 5 and discharged October 7th.

When I got past the FUCK YOU FUCK EVERYONE phase of being pissed it was easy enough to be there and then easy

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Where I Am Today

I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon, even though it won’t be posted until Friday. I have been home almost 24 hours. I walk through my house and still see reminders that the girls had been there just a couple of days ago, and they were once again gone. Without them in my home I

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