I Love You, I Want to Punch You in the Throat

Some days I’m just off center. Today has been one of those days. I know Sam cares, but that doesn’t help.

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The Confession*

*With apologies to John Grisham

Once Upon a Time.. No, this is not a fairy tale. It is far far from a fairy tale. It’s a confession. I ask that you listen without judgment, no criticism allowed, and no apologies. It is human nature to fill the awkward I-don’t-know-what-to-do-or-say silence with I’m sorry. That is

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A Person in Pain

That right there is a person in a hell of a lot of pain. A LOT of pain, helpless to find a way out of it, desperate to make it all stop, hopeless that anything could get better.

That right there is me this past weekend. I won’t recount what I swallowed in an attempt

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