I'm Sorry is Just the Beginning

I’m sorry.

A great beginning. Easy enough to say. Some people throw those words around like glitter on Pinterest. But it’s the actions that follow that give those words any merit.

I’m sorry is not the super glue or duct tape of apologies.

In fact, I’m sorry has become a blanket phrase, so much so

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Life is Short, sometimes shorter than you think

I got a text message from my mother last week. I wasn’t prepared for the words I read. Or my reaction to them.

My son’s grandmother had passed away unexpectedly. Even after being divorced from his father for 20 years, and not living with my son for almost 8, my heart went out to them.

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Depression is a Liar

I hate to jump on the bandwagon, and yet, how can I not? I hate that it took the death of someone so brilliant and loved to start the dialogues that needed to be started. I am sorry that his light had to be extinguished in order to shine a light on depression, suicide, and

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Just Another Step

Part of therapy, after a breakdown, and a suicide attempt, at least for me, is taking inventory of my life, accounting for all that has been lost, and making amends. There are relationships that I destroyed in the midst of my out of control mania and eventual downward spiral into the darkness. Some of those

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Four Simple, Powerful Words

Four words, made all the difference in how I see him now.

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