Timehop to 2012 The County Jail Tour

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I don’t know if you have seen it on social media this summer, but the hot new got-to-have-it-because-all-the-cool-kids-have-it app for the summer of 2014 is timehop.

Because I’m a follower and not a leader one of the cool kids, I got it. It gives you the

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I Get My Life Back Tomorrow

Tomorrow I can put my legal issues behind me. I get my life back. Freedom. My life. Fresh start. Glorious things.

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Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

I am at my “scary age” and it’s high time I get my life together. I am too old and way too smart to be doing this to myself. Today at 10:30 is one more step in that direction.

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Cleaning Up My Life

I have had an abundant amount of free time on my hands lately, and I have been using that time to clean up my life. Some trivial things, and some rather important necessary thing. At the end of the day though, I am almost done with the clean up and ready to start fresh.

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The Cool Deputy

Last night was yet another court appearance. I am so tired of them all. While I was there one of the deputies working looked familiar to me. I wracked my brain searched my memory trying to figure out who he was to me. Shortly before court started I remembered he was the cool deputy from my 2012 County Jail Tour last summer. Read some of my story.

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