My Final Appearance

Today is my final court date. When I leave the courtroom, all of my legal issues will be behind me. Another hurdle cleared.

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I Get My Life Back Tomorrow

Tomorrow I can put my legal issues behind me. I get my life back. Freedom. My life. Fresh start. Glorious things.

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Navel Gazing at it’s Best

One more hurdle to jump, and “happiness” is right around the corner. So why am I not happy?

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Cleaning Up My Life

I have had an abundant amount of free time on my hands lately, and I have been using that time to clean up my life. Some trivial things, and some rather important necessary thing. At the end of the day though, I am almost done with the clean up and ready to start fresh.

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The Only Way Out is Through

I would seem that once the universe starts to test you, it just doesn’t let up.

When I got out of jail in August, I was faced with probation meetings, court dates, unemployment, bills, and the girls living with their dad. At the time it seemed beyond overwhelming. Then, there was the nervous breakdown and

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