I'm Sorry is Just the Beginning

I’m sorry.

A great beginning. Easy enough to say. Some people throw those words around like glitter on Pinterest. But it’s the actions that follow that give those words any merit.

I’m sorry is not the super glue or duct tape of apologies.

In fact, I’m sorry has become a blanket phrase, so much so

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A Letter to My Daughters

Dear Meredith and Megan,

I watch all across social media as moms out there are getting ready to send their kids back to school, and I know that school will be starting again for the two of you

And I won’t be there.

This is a big year for both of you. Meredith, starting your

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I Can't Stay Broken for Them

I have struggled to write this. I have started it half a dozen times, and deleted each attempt. I even considered not writing it at all. But it keeps nagging at me, I keep turning it over in my mind. Apparently it needs to be written.

I may or may not have mentioned my

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It All Seems to be Coming Together

Everything seems to be coming back together in the past few days. Maybe i will finally get my shit together after all

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Just Another Step

Part of therapy, after a breakdown, and a suicide attempt, at least for me, is taking inventory of my life, accounting for all that has been lost, and making amends. There are relationships that I destroyed in the midst of my out of control mania and eventual downward spiral into the darkness. Some of those

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