Summer Bucket List Printable

Summer is officially right around the corner.  Looking for something to do this summer to keep the kids entertained?  How about a Summer Bucket List!

Summer Bucket List

Zoe has been out of school an entire month already.  Now that the boxes are mostly unpacked, we want to avoid the “I’m bored!”s and have a great summer break that is fun for her. I’ll admit, I don’t want to sit around the house all summer while Sam is at work.   I’m taking the proactive approach and planning a bucket list of activities Zoe and I can do.

I’ve already come up with a list of 20 Free things you can do with your kids this summer.  All of those make excellent ideas to put on your bucket list.  My cousin Jennifer has daily themes for her family’s bucket list.  They have Make It Monday, Trip Tuesday, Wet Wednesday, Thinking Thursday, and Friend Friday.  You could go with a weekly theme instead of a daily theme.  Kids cooking school one week, arts and crafts week, tourist week where you pretend you’re a tourist in your own town.

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Catch a movie.   I know our local Regal cinema is offering a Summer Movie Express.  Every Tuesday and Wednesday they show kid friendly movies for $1.00.  The Lego Movie, The Peanuts Movie, Smurfs 2, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs are on the list of movies they are showing this summer.

Kids Cooking School.   Find some easy to make kid friendly recipes this summer and teach your kids to cook.  You can go to the library and check out kid’s cookbooks and teach them how to read and follow a recipe.  Sometimes even grilled cheese tastes better if someone else makes it for you.

Arts and Crafts.  There are so many arts and crafts kids can do at home.  You could paint canvas shoes, and make tie-dye shirts.   Pinterest is a great way to find crafts for kids of all ages to do.

Explorer  Take a walk with your kids and take note of the flowers, trees, birds, or bugs that you see on your walk.  When you get home you can look them up online and learn more about nature around you.  Zoe and I like to name the animals, and make up stories about them.  The other day as we did our morning walk,we met Ringo the turtle who was doing his physical therapy after recovering from a stroke.

Night swim.  Imagine how much fun it would be to break the rules and stay up late, and play in the pool with glow sticks!  It doesn’t have to be a big pool, a little wadding pool would be fine.  If your kids can’t stay up that late, use glow sticks in the bathtub with the light off.

Summer Bucket List

Make a Family Summer Bucket List

Make a bucket list the whole family can do together.  A bucket list that has things like Go, Try, Read, Play, Eat, Explore, Make, Cook, Create, Send, and Give Back.  Where would you go, what would you try?  My dad read us The Chronicles of Narnia when I was growing up.  We would read a chapter every night.  Find a series of books that is age appropriate for your kids and gather pillows and blankets every night and read a chapter as a family.

To make creating your Summer Bucket List a little easier I have created a cute Bucket List printable, and a calendar for you to plan your summer on.  Today I’m giving them away free!  No need to sign up for my newsletter (although, if you did, you would get access to other printables to help organize your family). No hidden tricks or gimmicks.  My gift to you after being absent for almost 3 weeks now.

What is on your Summer Bucket List?

I’d love to hear what you are doing this summer!

Click here to download your Summer Bucket List printable.

Click here to download your Blank Monthly Calendar printable.


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