Seven on Sunday

Happy Easter!!!!

Yesterday was Zoe’s 11th birthday.  We have entered the Tweenage years. We gave her a spending limit and took her to Old Navy.  Once there, she decided she wanted her ears pierced.  So off to the mall.  20 minutes later, she was happily sporting new earrings and ticked pink.

zoe birthday

I had gotten my girls ears pierced when they were a year old, so I have never gotten to experience the excitement of new earrings, except my own.

Seven on Sunda

This Week’s Seven on Sunday

(Still trying out names until I find one I like.)

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50 Recipes for the leftover ham from Easter dinner.

Because it’s Easter, The Slacker Mom’s Guide to Easter Baskets.

Zoe turned 11 yesterday.  We have entered Tweenage.  First World Problems: Tween Version

Coming up this week on the blog

I have some exciting news to announce later this week, probably Thursday, so you will definitely want to be here for that.

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