Seven on Sunday 4.17

Hey guys!  Happy Sunday!  It’s going to be almost 80 degrees here in St. Louis today, and Sam will be doing dinner on the grill tonight.  So let’s get this Seven on Sunday underway.

Seven on Sunday

We are looking at a two week stretch of temps in the 70s and 80s. The Cardinals are playing ball at Busch.  Even though it’s not unheard of to get snow in late April, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Spring has finally arrived in The Lou.  I need to work better and smarter and get more things done so that I can find time to go for a walk every day and enjoy the weather.  But, you didn’t come here to talk about the weather, let’s get to this week’s Seven on Sunday.

Seven on Sunday for April 17

One Question to Ask When You Declutter.   A great post by I heart Planners.

The April Blog Staycation has been announced.  I hope you plan on being a part of this amazing weekend focusing on your blog.

People Can’t Get Over Michael Buble` Eating an Ear of Corn. Because apparently he can’t even.  His response is pretty good.

19 of the Most Epic Milkshake Recipes.  They all sound amazing, I’m torn between brownie batter or anything cheesecake.

I just discovered Jenni Chiu and apparently it’s just in time, because she’s nominated for an award, an Oscar I think?  It’s Not How Many Subscribers I have.

I LOVE 80s music, because it’s the music from my high school days. 6 80s Songs You Didn’t Know Were About Sex.  um, how could you not?

I love it when the internet turns on famous people. How could they not see this coming?  A Pro-Hillary Hashtag Got Hijacked by Twitter and Backfired on Her Campaign.

We finally named the kittens this weekend.  The kitten formerly known as Three is now Callie, and the kitten formerly known as Four is O’Malley, and Baby One is now Lexie.  Yes, there is a Grey’s Anatomy theme happening here but I don’t care.

Have a great week everyone, I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!

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