Paying It Forward

Paying it forwardI have to be honest.  In the past week I have been busy trying to get a self hosted blog started and move my wordpress blog to the new site.  That take a great deal of work, and time and I have been lazy in the reciprocity department.  I have been taking advantage of other people’s generosity and not paying it forward or back, or which ever direction it is supposed to go.

I’m going to make up for that now.

This is about Dan, at Dream Big, Dream Often.  Dan is a blogger who does a Featured Bloggers post every week (and shares it often during the week), gives of his time and his space to help promote them.  He shares his knowledge about networking with his readers.  He’s totally paying it forward.    He offers Blogging Tips, and Hosts Regular Meet & Greet Weekends.

One of my new favorite bloggers is Alissia Haggard at Stay At Home Mompreneur.  Alissia always has great posts on how to make your blog more engaging.  We bloggers work hard to create a welcome space on the interweb, we write engaging content, and we want people to not only visit our blog, we want them to stay, look around.  Alissia tells you how to do just that.

Janice at Mostly Blogging is always offering up “practical solutions and established strategies to improve your blog.”   She has great content and yet she understands the benefit of community as well, hosting a Meet & Greet twice a month.  Her post “#1 Secret Tip that Will Make You See More Search engine Traffic” was very informative and worth a read especially if you don’t understand tags.

In a world wide web of millions of bloggers, it’s easy to get overlooked.  There are people out there who are making it easier for you to be the fruit loop in the box of cheerios.

What blog would you like to Pay it Forward for?

About Becky

While control is an illusion, organization helps to manage the chaos of our lives. Becky was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2007. She has found that when her life and home are organized her bipolar mind is less manic. She shares her attempts at managing the chaos of living with her fiance and tweenage step-daughter, while trying to be a good parent to her mostly grown children who live 2 hours away.

5 comments to Paying It Forward

  • Becky, thank you so much for having me on your page!! I am going to share this with everyone! Hope the new page is coming along nicely. It looks great!

    • Becky

      You are so welcome, and so deserving! You’re named in the post, feel free to share it everywhere.. even print off some copies to hand out to neighbors. 😉

      The new site is coming along.. slow, but slow and steady wins the race, so they say.

  • Thank you so much for the shoutout! It was one of the best parts of my week! I hope the transition is going well and I LOVE what I’m seeing so far. Really great 🙂

    • Becky

      Thank you!! And you are so welcome! The shoutout was well deserved. (trying not to fan girl here.) I have learned so much from you and now to have you comment on here is kind of beyond cool.

  • Aww you are so sweet! Hope you are having a great week!