How to Make Your Home Clutter Free

Clutter.  What a funny little word that basically means untidy or messy. Clutter can make a house messy and chaotic.  With just a few little changes you can make your home clutter free.

Clutter Free

How to Make Your Home Clutter Free

Clutter accumulates because you’re not sure where to put the stuff.  The chaos of a busy life means things get set down, or put on a shelf “for right now” or I’ll deal with this later.  Then one day you realize it’s later and you have piles of stuff that needs to be dealt with.  Here are some tips to help make your home clutter free.

1 Identify your “catch-all” areas. We have one surface in the house that Sam throws mail and newspapers on. Zoe leaves homework and permission slips there as well.  It’s supposed to be a built-in table, but to them it’s a catch-all and to me it’s just in the way.  I know that telling them “That doesn’t go there” is not really the answer to the problem.  The answer is give them a place to put everything they usually put there.  So I did. I created a family command center.

2. Go paperless.  The more bills you can be billed and paid online, the fewer you will have in the mailbox and on your desk.  If there is a bill that gets paid every month and is the same amount every month, set up automatic withdraws so that it’s all done online, without you having to remember to do it.

3. Store folded sheets inside matching pillowcases.  Yes, I know this means learning to fold a fitted sheet like some kind of wizard.  The truth is, it really isn’t that difficult. Here’s a video that shows you how it’s done. Fold the fitted and flat sheet and store them along with any other pillowcases inside a pillowcase and then they stack neatly on selves. Added bonus: When you go to put them on the bed, everything is together and no need to go searching for the mates.

4. Throw your junk mail away before it comes into the house.  Unless your mail is delivered through a mail slot in your door, chances are you walk past your garbage can on your way into the house.  All it takes is a couple of minutes to go through your mail, and drop the junk mail in the garbage outside before coming into the house.  Problem solved before it’s actually a problem.

5. Store electronics warranties online in cloud storage.  It’s been a minute since I bought any new electronic gadgets that actually came with a manual.  There is usually a quick start booklet, but as for the full owner’s manual I’ve had to look them up online.  It’s always a good idea to go online and get the owner’s manual and store it to your cloud storage or Google Drive.  That way, if the manufacture takes down the manual, you will still have access to your copy.

6. Spend 5 minutes.  Every day pick a room, and spend 5 minutes picking up things, putting things away, throwing away trash getting rid of the clutter.  5 minutes is a small increment of time that you can accomplish a great deal in.

7. Clutter Free Zones.  Once you have all the clutter picked up and put away declare areas of your house Clutter Free Zones.  That means that there is nothing in that area that is not being used.  When you’re done with something, put it away.  You can increase the clutter free zone and eventually you will have clutter free rooms.

8 You do not live in a museum.  I used to say this to my girls all the time.  You do not live in a museum, everything you own does not need to be on display. Put things away in dressers, closets, under beds in storage containers, not shoved under there so your room looks clean.  Hide things away in baskets under tables, or on shelves over doors. Be creative about storage ideas.

9 For right now is not an option.  I am the worst at “I’ll just put this here for right now and deal with it later.”  If it’s in your hand, that’s the perfect time to deal with it.  Put it away, throw it away, or make space for it.  If it’s important enough to keep, make a place for it.  If you can’t find a space for it, it’s not important enough to keep.

We bring clutter into our homes without realizing it.  We create clutter by not dealing with things right away.  Maybe there’s clutter because nobody knows where to put everything.  Make a plan, make a decision and your home can be clutter free.

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While control is an illusion, organization helps to manage the chaos of our lives. Becky was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2007. She has found that when her life and home are organized her bipolar mind is less manic. She shares her attempts at managing the chaos of living with her fiance and tweenage step-daughter, while trying to be a good parent to her mostly grown children who live 2 hours away.

23 comments to How to Make Your Home Clutter Free

  • Great tips, thanks for sharing! With a small kid it can definitely be a challenge to keep the house somewhat organised, there are literally toys everywhere!

    • Becky

      Thank you so much!
      Set a basket or box in a out of the way corner and throw the toys in there when your child is done playing with them, and when they are old enough make putting toys away a game.

  • I have identified by catch-all areas. Now actually doing something about it…

    Great tip on throwing away junk mail before it comes into the house. I do that! It is so incredibly simple and it keeps the paper piles down.

  • Great post! Love the part about not bringing junk mail into the house! Ours goes outside in the recycle bin right away! I want nothing to do with it!

  • Ann

    Great tips. I was just thinking today how it takes less than 5 minutes to make a mess, but hours to clean it. That’s probably because we don’t spend 5 or 10 minutes cleaning it here and there. I’m going to take some of your tips and turn them into actions.

    • Becky

      Thank you so much!! I often find if I promise myself I only have to clean for 5 minutes, I usually clean longer. Knowing I can stop after 5 minutes makes it less of a “chore”.

  • everydayethnicmom

    I tend to go through my mail in the garage so I throw all the junk out right in the big trash can. I also invested in a big bin that sits at the bottom of my stairs for my little nieces and nephews to throw all their toys in when finished playing.

  • Great tips! I despise clutter and totally agree with taking 5 minutes to pick everything up. And the idea to store sheets inside pillow cases is brilliant!

    • Becky

      Thank you so much!!! Putting the sheets inside pillowcases makes the linen closet so much neater and everything easier to find.

  • I could totally use this advice – thanks!

  • Fantastic tips! I’m going to need this in banner form to share with my hubby and the kiddos!!! Our dining room table is the main landing spot, and it just seems impossible to overcome. We’re still hanging in there and trying though…

    • Becky

      I think every house has that one surface where everything gets left. I have used Longenberger baskets for mail, or folders. Something cute to deal with the clutter. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Oh how I need this! We’re constantly dealing with clutter. Right now I can see our dining room table which is our catch-all area because it’s right when you walk into our condo. I feel like I’m constantly clearing stuff off of it!
    That’s such a great tip about the pillowcases. I would have never thought of that.

    • Becky

      The pillowcase tip is catching a lot of eyes today. I think every house has a catch all surface. Give them some place else to put their stuff. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, just functional and not your dinning room table.

  • I hate clutter. This post made me want to stop everything and start organizing my home. I like that pillowcase hack.

  • Definitely need to increase our “clutter free” zones. It is hard with little kids and a husband who doesn’t seem to understand how the clutter makes me nuts.

    • Becky

      Grab a box or a basket and put hubby’s clutter in it and let him deal with it.
      It’s an adjustment to be sure. Sam and Zoe are used to just leaving everything on the table. They are doing better now that I’ve given them a place to put their stuff.

  • The Tricia Collective

    I struggle the most with the last one, “for right now.” I always set things on our kitchen island “for now” and they stay there for much longer than intended. Oops!