Goals and Plans for July

June is over, July starts on Friday and I have been MIA almost all month.  Time to sit down, get serious and set some goals and plans for July.

Goals and Plans July

We have lived in Casa de Impresionante  (which translates to Awesome House) a little over a month.   I would like to say all of our stuff is unpacked, but I don’t like to lie.   There is still so much stuff in the basement that we need to decide what we’re going to do with.  Blogging got lost in the move and the unpacking.  I can’t seem to find my mojo.  It’s probably in one of the boxes in the basement.  But I am determined to get back on the blogging bandwagon and kick blogging butt in July.

When it comes to my goals and plans for each month, I try to avoid numbers and focus on improvement.  I look at five areas when it comes to my blog,

  • Printables
  • Audience
  • Freelance
  • Connections
  • Newsletter

Being honest, we can just scrap all the “goals” I had for June and start fresh in July. 

Goals and Plans for July

Printables.  Summer vacation is mostly in full swing for everyone, which means back to school isn’t far away.   I am starting to think about printables to help with the back to school rush, and getting back into the school/homework routine.  I am always open to ideas and suggestions of printables you would like to see or think would be useful.  Feel free to leave a comment or drop my an email.

Audience.  Being gone for a month effects your audience.  I have to work hard to build my audience again.  That means I need to find ways to connect with all of you, and any new readers in a meaningful way that will have everyone coming back.

Freelance I’m beginning to think I should just drop this from my goals and plans each month because it seems to be the least of my priorities.

Connections.  I need to be more mindful of my readers and find ways to connect with you.  I also want to reach out to other bloggers in my niche and connect with them as well.

Newsletter  Now that I am committed to returning to blogging full-time, I will also be committed to sending out newsletters every week.  Along with the blogging, my newsletters have fallen by the wayside and I need to really focus on them again.

I would really like to get Zoe more involved with things I write about here.  Maybe once a month feature a recipe she can make and that you can share with your children.  While I’m not much of an arts and crafts kind of person, maybe I can find fun things for Zoe and me to do and share with you.   That child is an untapped wealth of humor and creativity.

What would you like to see here at Welcome to My Life, Part 2?

Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!


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