6 Reasons Meal Planning is Not Right For You

Not everyone is a good fit for meal planning.  That’s OK.  Everyone is different, every family unique.  Here are 6 very good reasons planning meals may not be right for you.

Planning Meals

I have to admit, I am new to planning meals.  I’ve only been at it a month.  But I think I can make some compelling arguments as to why planning meals is not right for you.

6 Reasons Planning Meals Is Not Right For You

1. You don’t have to worry about saving money.  Some people are fortunate enough to not have to worry about saving money.  I am not one of those people.  Planning your meals saves money because you have already planned out your meals, and you only buy the food necessary to make those meals.    There is no guess-work, and there is no Maybe we’ll have this only to find out you are missing 3 ingredients when you get home.

2. You don’t mind being asked “What’s for dinner?” and not knowing the answer.  Planning your meals in advance means you always have the answer to the age-old question, “What’s for dinner?”  If you plan your meals out for the week, then it’s easy enough to look at your planner and answer the question that will inevitably come up.  I took it a step further and started putting dinner on the family calendar so now they don’t even have to bother asking me, they can look at the calendar.

3. You don’t mind throwing food away.  How many times have you gone to your refrigerator and found some kind of green science experiment that looks like it used to be edible food that you bought because you might make something with it for dinner?   Planning meals for the week means you only buy what you need and will use and you’re not throwing food away that was shoved to the back corner of the fridge and forgotten.

4. You enjoy eating the same 4 meals week after week.  Variety is the spice of life but clearly you’re not interested.  When you plan your meals, you can see how often your family loves to eat pasta and you can change it up because pasta every day isn’t good for you Sam! Granted planning meals forces you to think outside the box, but it also allows you to try new recipes and change up what your family eats for dinner.  Thanks to meal planning I have tried at least 4 new recipes.

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5. You have no interest in eating healthier.  I am not the food police around here.  In fact, Friday night I threw my meal plan out the window and told Sam to order pizza because PMS. But planning meals means you are not eating processed food every day, or eating out.  You can actively make a choice to include fruits and vegetables every day, or you know, once a week, whatever. You don’t have to eat healthy every single day, but you can eat healthier when you are planning your meals for the week.

6. You enjoy going to the store every single day.  We used to play this game, where we would go to the grocery store every day, grab a cart, and wander aimlessly up and down the isles trying to decide what sounded good for dinner.  It was a lot of fun.  Especially when we weren’t allowed to opt out and go get fast food.  The sentence “I don’t care if they eat tonight or not” may have been yelled a time or two *ahem*.  It was not fun, in any way, for me, for Sam, for the people working at the store who sometimes got caught in the crossfire.  Now we go to the store every Wednesday morning, list in hand, and we know exactly what we are going to buy for the week.  To be honest, I don’t miss the people from the store, or their opinions on what I should be making for dinner. If you’re not cooking it, you don’t get to vote Terry!

Planning meals is a great way to save money, save time, eat healthier and add variety to your dinner rotation.  I have to admit it takes some effort to find a system that works for you, but the end results are worth that effort.

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While control is an illusion, organization helps to manage the chaos of our lives. Becky was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2007. She has found that when her life and home are organized her bipolar mind is less manic. She shares her attempts at managing the chaos of living with her fiance and tweenage step-daughter, while trying to be a good parent to her mostly grown children who live 2 hours away.

15 comments to 6 Reasons Planning Meals is Not Right For You

  • Great tips and advice, Becky! When I made a commitment to myself to eat healthier, meal planning was a must. I am also on a tight budget and cannot afford to waste food. Have a great week!

    • Becky

      Thank you so much! When we were wandering the isles of the store trying to figure out what to have for dinner I knew it was time to start planning our meals.

  • My pleasure, Becky… Yeah, that will do it! It just makes sense.

  • Love it! I am always planning with 4 kids and a Hubby you best believe I better plan or else they might eat me Ha! Thanks for sharing.

  • YES! I need to be better about this..my worse battle is…what am I gonna fix for dinner! I hate that daily thought! thanks for the motivation!

    • Becky

      Thank you for stopping by! I knew I needed to start meal planning when I got irrationally angry when asked “What’s for dinner?” Planning your meals makes life less stressful!

  • I do not enjoy any of these things. That is why I plan my meals.

  • I enjoy meal planning for the simple fact that I like to be prepared. Sometimes I choose recipes that can be simplified depending on how tired I am or how close to bedtime we’ll be getting home. If nothing else, it helps me have enough safe food on hand for my youngest who suffers from food allergies. Great post!

    • Becky

      Food allergies are a great reason to meal plan! It almost requires that you meal plan! Thank you so much for your comment.

  • I’m a meal planner! Makes the week go by much easier if I know what I need to cook at the end of the day and even prep for lunches etc. Great read!

    • Becky

      Thank you! I am amazed at how much stress it has eliminated from my days. I wish I had started doing it sooner!
      Thank you so much for stopping by.

  • I needed to read this! I usually plan our family meals out for the week and cook in advance, but the past month has been chaotic…and in return, it has led to spending more by constantly going to the grocery store or ordering take out. This is motivating me to get back on bandwagon, thanks!

    • Becky

      It makes such a difference to plan meals out. And even with a chaotic busy week, you can plan quick easy 30 minute or less meals.