20 Secrets to a Worry Free Move

When you have moved as often as I have, you learn a few secrets along the way.  Today I’m going to share some of my secrets to a worry free move.

20 Secrets to a Worry Free Move

When you grow up the child of a minister, you get moved around a lot.  We averaged moving every 2-3 years.  Even after I moved out from my parents’ home, I still have moved around a lot.  Maybe I just got used to getting a new home every time I was bored with the one I was in.  When you have moved as often as I have, you learn a few of the secrets to a worry free move.

Secrets to a worry free move.

1. Use your dish towels and pot holders to cushion your glass cookware.  The dishes and the dish towels are already in the kitchen, so it saves money on packing supplies.

2. Put a set of clean sheets in one of your dresser drawers.  The first night at your new home should not be spent looking for sheets so you can go to sleep.

3. Use paper plates/cups the last couple of nights before the move.  That way all of your dishes are washed and packed. Moving day can be doughnuts and coffee from your favorite coffeehouse.

4. Cook and freeze a couple of meals ahead of time.  Pack a cooler the day of the move, so that your frozen meals don’t thaw completely.  The first couple of days at a new house, the last thing you want to do is go grocery shopping.  This works best if you’re not moving a great distance.

5. Paper plates between your regular plates.  Paper or Styrofoam plates are already the right shape, and they will cushion your plates during the move.

6. Plastic Wrap your silverware tray.  Wrap your silverware tray with plastic wrap.  The silverware will not be loose in a box and at the new house, just cut the plastic wrap off, stick the tray in a drawer, done.

7. When labeling boxes, include location along with contents.  I always mark my boxes “DVDs Living Room” or “Books, Master Bedroom”.  It not only helps with knowing what is in each box but it helps direct traffic when unloading.

8. Pack young kids’ rooms last.  It’s less traumatic if you leave their stuff unpacked as long as possible.  On moving day be sure young kids have a favorite blanket or pillow and a few favorite toys that they can keep with them.

9. Unpack young kids rooms first.  We learned this lesson the hard way with my younger sister.  Until her stuff was out of boxes, she was out of sorts, she never felt like she was home.  Getting young kids rooms set up first gives them a sense of safety and familiarity.

10. Pack an overnight bag.  You won’t want to unpack your first night at the new home.  You won’t know where anything is to unpack. An overnight bag with the essentials will make your first night a little easier.

11. Change your address.  At least 2 weeks prior to moving, put in the change of address at the post office. Also it’s a good idea to call your utilities and notify them of the move as well.

12. Use free boxes whenever possible.  Go around to your local stores and ask for their empty boxes.  If you ask what day their truck comes in you’ll have a better idea of when the most boxes will be set out and you can get the before the weather does.

13. Purge. Purge. Purge.  Do not be afraid to get rid of things you no longer use, wear, need.  It’s better to give it away, or throw it away than pack and unpack something you no longer want or need. I’ve already gone through our house and made a list of things that I’m not moving to the new house.

14. Don’t mix items from different rooms.   One room per box.  It makes sorting boxes and unpacking so much easier when you know that everything in that box belongs in one room.

15. Tape X’s on pictures and mirrors.  The tape will absorb any shock to the glass, and should the worst happen and the glass break the tape will keep it together in one place.

16. Use towels, blankets, and pillows for padding where ever possible.

17. Tape any hardware to the back of furniture. If you have to take apart any furniture, be sure to put the hardware in a plastic bag and tape it to the back of the furniture.  That way it never gets lost and you always know what hardware goes with what furniture.

18. Do some research.  Before you move look up addresses and phone numbers of banks, grocery stores, post office, and gas stations.  Having that information before hand eliminates the panic of having to look it up last-minute.

19. Schools.  While researching banks and gas stations, be sure you know where  your children will go to school and when/where to register them.

20. Have fun.  Make Moving Day an adventure for the kids.  Maybe have a picnic on the living room floor your first night.  If you make the day fun for them, they will be less stressed and upset about the unfamiliar.

Remember also to keep a sense of humor.  The best laid plans of mice and men and all.  Nothing will be perfect, but as long as you keep a sense of humor you’ll (and everyone around you) will get through the day.

About Becky

While control is an illusion, organization helps to manage the chaos of our lives. Becky was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2007. She has found that when her life and home are organized her bipolar mind is less manic. She shares her attempts at managing the chaos of living with her fiance and tweenage step-daughter, while trying to be a good parent to her mostly grown children who live 2 hours away.

4 comments to 20 Secrets to a Worry Free Move

  • What a great bunch of tips! I love the one about putting a set of sheets in the dresser drawer. Yep, overnight bag— for sure! I never thought of paper plates between plates for protection. Great idea– Thank you!

    • Becky

      Thank you!! The sheets in the dresser drawer is a trick we’ve been using for as long as I can remember. And it’s been a lifesaver at the end of the day when all you want to to do is crawl into bed and sleep.

  • Having moved twice in the last two years, I know the stresses of moving all too well. These are some fantastic tips, here’s hoping that I don’t have to use them anytime soon!

    • Becky

      Actually, here’s hoping I get to use them in the next week or two. We are looking for a new place to live! LOL